The Kim and Bom today inhabit the least hospitable parts of their former domain, namely, the coastal mangrove swamps of the southern Sierra Leone tidal plain. The speakers of both Kim and Bom are now shifting to Mende, and the languages are both presumed to be moribund.

The Documenting Kim and Bom Project (DKB) began in September 2007 and and will continue through March 2010. The project is currently being administrated by Professor G. Tucker Childs (PI) of the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University and Momoh Taziff Koruma of the University of Sierra Leone.

Based on the earlier research of Pichl (1972), the village of Tei at 7° 15' North, 12° 1' West was chosen as the base site. Tei is located in the Kwamebai Kim Chiefdom in the Bonthe district of Sierra Leone.